Naampuzzels: print de namen van de kinderen uit, lamineer ze en snijd ze doormidden. De kinderen puzzelen de twee delen aan elkaar. Misschien ook foto's met namen maken, zodat ze die erbij kunnen leggen?

jeu du prénom coupé Name puzzle: I would add the student's photo on the right end and laminate the puzzle for continual use throughout the year.

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Start of School year writing activity/diagnostic. Students draw themselves and draw what they did this summer in their glasses, then write a short paragraph explaining their summer vacation.

All these people are laying down, by why aren't they falling? They comprise a human table! | Steve Spangler Science

COOPERATIVE ACTIVITY~ Great group activity that engages curiosity about the science behind the "trick." Can't wait to try this with my group next year!

Ötletbuborék: Karácsonyi szókereső - 24 nap Karácsonyig

Ötletbuborék: Karácsonyi szókereső - 24 nap Karácsonyig

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