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Reborn x Tsuna

Reborn x Tsuna

lol Sherlock vs. the Sorting Hat

Ravenclaw suits him well. But as a Ravenclaw, id like to point out that we aren't all high-functioning sociopaths. Some of us are just high-functioning. Others of us like learning. We are not all as oblivious to feeling as Sherlock.

AU in which John and Sherlock are teens at Hogwarts.

Sherlock/Harry Potter Obviously their boggarts would be each other’s corpses. And then one day John sees him and assumes it’s just another boggart, and says ‘Riddikulus’ expecting the body to change or disappear. This time it’s real.

This is perfect

Not Dead <-- thanks for getting rid of the mournstache Sherlock we've all been asking john to shave it anyway<----- Guys, he's already told us that he'll shave it on his own time; after all, he doesn't shave for Sherlock Holmes.