Bengal Beauty…                                                       …

Bengal Beauty - 20th January 2016

Baby caracal

Meet the Caracals Do you love cats? If the answer is yes, you are going to fall in love with this cat species, Caracals, that are likely to be the cutest cat species ever! If the answer is no, these cats will change it and you& start liking cats!

When Theo and Wee were tiny, they had kind of a Love You/Choke You relationship. It lasted for nearly 15 years. Miss you, Theo. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

* * ORANGE: " Me be soes glad me founds yoo! Yoo wuz gone fer hours and nowz yer safely back." I wuv yoo.

The beautiful markings of the Savannah Cat. I'm soooo getting one plus Ayden and Mia size!

And these cats really are friendly.The goal of our Bengal and Savannah cat breeding program is to produce kittens with the exotic look of the wild cat and gentle, yet spirited nature of the domestic.

20 of The World’s Most Expensive Cat Breeds, Costing Up To $100,000 - Cats In Care - Page 20

World's Most Expensive Cats, Costing Up To $100,000

Woahhhhh now THIS beautiful creature would bring my crazy cat lady game to a whole new level!

Savannah cat, One of two cat breeds a want.

10 Cats Who Made Hilariously Poor Decisions

Savannah cat, One of two cat breeds a want. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat shirts, cat socks, and other cat apparel by tapping the pin!