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Csöves Csokoládé

Csöves Csokoládé
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Origami Nazgul. Awesome! I'd make this for you but I'm  pretty sure I'd mess it up. Lol

Funny pictures about Origami Nazgul. Oh, and cool pics about Origami Nazgul. Also, Origami Nazgul photos.

We’ve covered lots of ways to cram a lot of stuff in small suitcases, but this video and infographic from Expedia is full of handy packing tips to remember the next time you’re heading out on a business trip—or a well-earned vacation.

Best rolling technique for tidy t shirt bundles. Infographic: 8 packing techniques that will save you space in your suitcase - Matador Network

District 9 Bench guerrilla marketing. Brought to you by ShopletPromos.com - promotional products for your business.

Before anyone heard of a little film called District signs barring non-humans from using benches and restrooms could be seen in major cities such as Los Angeles. Created by the filmmakers, creative guerilla marketing.

Mail - Arlene Harten - Outlook

How to grow a vertical garden. A variety of trellises with recommended plants and a variety of reclaimed containers for patio or to mount on a wall.