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Student  ·  I from Hungary ( So my english is not too good yet!) . My hobby is the writing and the cinema. My favourite actor Benedict Cumberbatch....
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His eyes infinitely kind. Full with heartfelt emotions. <3 Real treasure. :)

"Taken by Jimmy Kets, a Belgian photographer, at the Film Festival in Gent last year. He saw Benedict Cumberbatch after the film and asked him if he had a minute to spare to take a photo. He has goegeous eyes

You did not believe? Well, you should know this! Khan make grimace BETTER than YOU ... or anyone! XD

Well, you should know this! Khan make grimace BETTER than YOU .

Yeah. Khanberbatch can fly!  He  do everything   better than anybody ! :D

Khanberbatch can fly! He do everything better than anybody !

This is huge! I love it <3  Sing my Angel! XD

If Benedict ever made an album. <--- LOL The time for the short message xD

Ben as #Khan... I love it <3

Ben as I love it

Yes, It's heartbreaking , of course... Just have a problem. Sherlock never has Asperger Syndrome... Sorry, but this is a misconception. My mom is a psychologist, she know. Sherlock not damaged his nervous system. This is nonsense. He not sick, because if somebody sociopath, not sick. Fact ,that he not healthy,but this not mean,that he has Asperger. The two illness not same. Nothing wrong with his nervous system! This long,that I tell everything... But belive to me. :)

I've already pinned this but this caused me to do extensive research on Aspergers Syndrome-it really dose seem like Sherlock, at least that of bbc, has it

I never called myself Cumberb**ch because , it's not merely for Benedict unpleasant,I think. It is possible to guess many kinder names because he is it with his name not heavy 'play'.He gave a name to us, we should be proud of this!I am sorry for it poor little thing when I see that he becomes embarrassed. I am CumberLassie.  I the 'lassie' I found it much kinder, than the 'bitch'. If we really love Benedict, we all   to be Collective , please! Write , if you agree with us!Thanx!

It's far superior to the previous popular name in and of itself, and plus Benedict came up with it himself! The Cumber Collective

None of exaggeration !  - make by me  #Benedict Cumberbatch

None of exaggeration ! - make by me Cumberbatch

Dont think we have enough pictures of benedict's eyes looking awesome. - It's true! :)

I should probably start a board that just has these beautiful faces I have been pinning but, hotness applies.

Ben and the cigarette. Bad guy. Wicked sexy. But I can't be angry... * forgiving sigh* a captivating moment.  #Benedict# #Cumberbatch#

“ “ CUT in japan Benedict Cumberbatch ” Scan of the page, but no full scan of the ” Full scans would be much appreciated indeed :)