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Tom and the Locket by vkacademy on DeviantArt

I saved this pic a long time ago and then yesterday someone on the forums asked for a Tom Riddle lookalike and I. Tom and the Locket

Nygmobblepot & Smaylor Trash

In the name of Nygmobblepot and Smaylor, I'll give you trash.

I don't know why I took his arm. His stride was twice mine, even with my long legs. He didn't offer it, I took it like a thief. It blared like a siren, my white skin against his black coat, black pants black glove, black heartache, but I wouldn't let go. All I could think of was the little boy at the side of his mothers casket, never held, never claimed and at least for the next hour, I would never let go.

Sapiosexual woman with a vintage soul, a penchant for rough sex, a love of existentialism, and a taste for the good life.

and even if I'm not immortal, I'll find people, I'll take the fight to you, and you'll never be safe or free or secure in your supposed immortality, you son of a b*tch.