"The Little Princess" was the first non-communist statue, created in 1989. Hungarians love her because she's small and feminine, not like the bulky, muscular communist statues the Soviets left behind. Prince William liked her so much when he visited that he had a replica installed at Buckingham Palace in London. Put your hands on her knees to make a wish.

My favorite statue in all of Budapest. Little Princess statue on the River Danube, Budapest

Legendák, korszakok, és egy titkos kapcsolat színhelye.

Legendák, korszakok, és egy titkos kapcsolat színhelye.

Eszterházy kastély, Fertőd, Hungary

A fertődi kastély éjszakai megvilágításban (forrás: nemzetimuemlekek.


Hertelendy Kastély ( Budapest, Hungary ) Making use of the thermal spring in its backyard, the hotel has an impressive spa complex.

Grassalkovich-kastély - Gödöllő, Hungary

Grassalkovich-kastély - Gödöllő, Hungary

Nádasladányi kastély

Nádasdladányban gyönyörűen fel van újítva a Tudor-stílusú kastély - Hungary


Early-rising Hungarian photographer Imre Krénn captures the spectacularly colorful skies over Hungary’s capital at the crack of dawn, creating a gorgeous photo essay of monumental Budapest landmarks bathed in orange, pink, yellow, and purple.