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Hit Inner Thighs Using Ankle Weights
The ankle weights are linked. Each weight is adjustable from 1.1 lbs to 3.5 lbs. For The Workout: Do this on the floor or bed. Try 10-20 reps of each move for 2 rounds. Be sure to keep tail tucked under (place pillow under hips, if needed). Angle heels inward with knees and top of feet angled behind you. Go for it!
Do This Exercise To Lose Your Belly Fat In 4 Weeks
Do This Exercise To Lose Your Belly Fat In 4 Weeks
Wanna slim your waist and grow your glutes?
Wanna slim your waist and grow your glutes?! Try this exercise to get started. #mzfitnfly #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #fitnesscoach #fitnesstrainer #fitnessfreak #fitnessmom #gymgirl #gymlife #gymtraining #gym #trainerlife #personaltrainer #core #momswholift #viralreels #fitnessclass #fitnessreels #sweatensity #blackgirlfitness #loveyourbody
Stability Ball circuit
At Home Back & Chest with Resistance Band
I love resistance bands they challenge your body and take your gains to a whole different level 😁
3 minutes cardio fat burning exercise
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Women Fitness
"Discover the ultimate #flattummysecrets and #flattummytips for women's fitness. Achieve a toned and sculpted core with targeted workouts and effective nutrition. Unveil the power of women's core strength to enhance posture, balance, and overall well-being. Get ready to feel confident and strong with these fitness essentials!"#flattummysecrets #flattummytips #core #womenscore #postnatalcore #postpregnancybelly #mommytummy #strongcore #diastasisrecti #postpregnancy #coreexercises #functionalcore
Total Body Ball + Dumbbell circuit
Medicine Ball Abs Workout
Get ready to sculpt a strong core with this dynamic medicine ball abs workout. Strengthen your abdominal muscles, improve stability, and boost your overall core strength with these effective exercises. This routine is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their fitness and take their training to the next level. Ready to challenge your balance, build strength, and feel the burn? Click the link for more details. Credit: tiktok@senada.greca
Start your Healthier Life Now!
Feeling overwhelmed by constant stress and tension?🤯 Try doing somatic workout to: ✅Release built-up muscle tension and experience deep relaxation😍 ✅Regain emotional balance and find relief from stress and anxiety🤩 ✅Cultivate a stronger mind-body connection for overall well-being💪