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"Thanks for @eve_pain wearing Xiaolizi's brown wool skirt. The brown wool skirt made with soft wool blend, it has a polyester lining inner. It is high waist skirt for winter day,  The long vintage skirt has no pockets because of the special waist. Right side zipper made the skirt easy to wear.  we created many women skirt with different style , we like some pleated skirt with longer and bigger hem style, it won't show my hips bigger, make me more elegant. DETAILS * More color * 35% wool blend, 35% fiber and polyester, 40% nylon * Full polyester lining * Hidden zipper in the right side * No Pockets, can't add for the style * Ankle length * Dry clean Choose CUSTOM Order if you * Need other color * Can't find your size in our size Chart * Chang the Length * Your Height


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Character: Catwoman (Selina Kyle) / From: DCAU's 'Batman: The Animated Series' / Cosplayer: Kseniya Beknazarova (aka KamikoZero) / Photo: Li Eliseeva (2017)
Zack Snyder @ZackSnyder


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Some chicas can really rock a sleeve like this one...**sigh**

chunky sweaters

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a woman in a blue dress taking a selfie with her cell phone while walking down the street
Granny square
Crochet granny square dress
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Peaky Blinders' Paul Anderson and Kate Phillips appear at show event
Peaky Blinders' Paul Anderson and Kate Phillips appear at show event
Tweed on tweed // Lumi
Tweed on tweed // Lumi