Zsuzsa Czagler

Zsuzsa Czagler

Zsuzsa Czagler
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Pearl and Crystal Convertible Necklace to Bracelet

Create a piece with double the value and endless elegance when you make the Pearl and Crystal Convertible Necklace to Bracelet. A bracelet pattern and a necklace pattern in one, this jewelry tutorial

Diamond Net Earrings

Looking for easy and free jewelry making patterns for earrings? This pattern for Diamond Net Earrings fits the bill perfectly. Use a few simple wire jewelry making steps and in no time you'll have these pretty earrings to wear out!

Beginner Right Angle Weave

Not being redundant but right angle weave or RAW is the easiest beading technique I have learned. It's really easy to understand that's why this technique is suitable for beginners so here are a few How to do Right Angle Weave Bracelets beading tutorials

Exquisite Ice Crystals Bracelet

The Exquisite Ice Crystals Bracelet is an intricate addition to your jewelry collection. The pattern alternates between two motifs. This tutorial will teach you how to embellish each snowflake motif with tiny pearls.