HJ-Story :: Love is... growing old with you - image 1

HJ-Story :: Love is. growing old with you - image sn mika un ippopotamo picia

More Fun and cute HJStory stickers to use to chat with your other half!

Oh that is keyute! I sincerely want to blow Ryan a kiss *mwwwah, kisses sent your way* but words just aren't doing it right now *super sad* and damn I really need to get a flower hair clip for my hair!

She can be so cute when she wants a hug :) Subscribe to HJS @ http://tapastic.com/series/393 and see more!

I want a hug & cuddles because this disabled gal is fed up with her life and is sick yet again! =( IMY more than you'll ever know, ILY more than you'll ever know Ryan!