Wedding photo of principal dancers Hye-Min Hwang and Jae-Yong Ohm, The Universal Ballet

Principal dancers and married couple Hye-Min Hwang and Jae-Yong Ohm of the Universal Ballet. This is a wedding picture of theirs. Ballet couples are so cute!

Brigitte Bardot

“ “I only lived when I arrived at the studio and I suspended me in jacques’s blue eyes until the night, in his smooth voice, in the glow of his body who embraced me in scenes of affection.

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Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf favorite couple on TV of all time


in bed all dayyy baby in my arms hugging tight, keeping my babyy warm and safe andhappie :) ***: *: **: kissing :) I love you so much my babyy marry me? :) I love you

The Pursuit Aesthetic

BIG fan of her beautiful long tresses. If only my hair could miraculously grow this long over night. A girl can dream!

Steve McQueen and Neile Adams by John Dominis

Steve McQueen and wife Neile Adams in a sulphur bath, with cigartettes & Chablis. Big Sur, California in Neile was married McQueen until He refused to let her work. Photo by John Dominis

Johnny Depp + Winona Ryder

More Winona Ryder & Johnny Depp. I think one day I’ll do a Winona/Johnny picspam. I adore young Winona. I adore young Johnny. I adore them together. …He has so few tattoos here.