Csaba Jámbor

Csaba Jámbor

Szia! :) Ha meg nézted az adatlapomat akkor jelizz be és beszélgesünk egy párat! 174 magas vagyok! Barna haj és szem! Test alakatom: Félig izmos! :) A has
Csaba Jámbor
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I love this style …

I can have my one sleeve be my watercolor sky transitions and then my other can be a jumble of abstract shapes and random collections of small tattoos that have lots of meaning.

Na ezt már következő hónapban rajtam lesz! ;)

The tattoo is a series of dots arranged to resemble multiple layers of a carbon-fiber shell. It was designed by Southport, England tattoo artist Tony Booth, who runs Dabs Tattoo with his wife, Lisa.

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Full sleeve tattoos are more eye-catching than their smaller counterparts! Full sleeve tattoos reach from the shoulder all the way down to the wrist, and.

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Surreal bird tattoo - A strong looking bird in a surreal geometric design may just be what you need when you’re looking for a tattoo that can…


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