He is immortal. Born in the Highlands of Scotland 400 years ago, and he is not alone. For centuries he has battled the forces of darkness, with Holy…
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a close up of a person wearing a jacket
Peter Wingfield
a man wearing a blue coat and hat
Duncan MacLeod
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Adrian Paul Photostream
Adrian Paul Photo - Premiere Of "Mutant Chronicles"
Adrian Paul // Highlander (1992) Films, Warriors, Handsome
Adrian Paul // Highlander (1992)
a man standing in the water under a crescent moon
Adrian Paul Wallpaper designed by Elise Van Cise & Rileah Ringo for Adrian's Angels. Find us in groups on Facebook!
a man in a leather jacket holding a black bird
Love the facial hair
a man is posing for a photo with his hand on his chin
Adrian Paul
a man with long hair wearing a sweater and looking at the camera while leaning on his elbow
two decorative vases sitting on stands next to each other
Katana of Duncan & Conner MacLeod (Highlander Series)
two people on a boat with swords in their hands, one holding the other's hand
two men standing next to each other in front of a building
Jim Byrnes and Adrian Paul, a.k.a. Joe and Duncan, on location for Highlander: The Series. I've always loved this particular publicity still...
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Moviemania - Textless high-resolution movie wallpapers
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Official Highlander Sword 595 by Marto