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Balance Scales and Weights Image at Mighty Ape Australia

Suburban Living

Suburban Living

Not overwhelmed. Not underwhelmed. Just plain old whelmed.

One-third of population of Puerto Rico now getting federal food stamps: Let the progressive traitors make a few more commonwealths secretly or without the vote of the people and further bankrupt and exploit our Country.

I may have made something out of nothing, but it made for a good post.

I may have made something out of nothing, but it made for a good post.

The SJP effect. I will never see this movie.

I Don't Know How She Does It ~ Sarah Jessica Parker, Gregg Kinnear, Pierce Brosnan, Kelsey Grammer, Christina Hendricks.

We had the best intentions.

We had the best intentions.

Who do we think we are anyway?

clive & julianna aka phil & claire Such a funny game for keeping a marriage fun❤️

We've learned our lesson.

Offering the best in fake food, display food & artificial food. Wine Spills, Turkeys and Other Fake Foods Always Available.

Bracket Hopping. 35 is the new 25. Right?

35 is the new Right?

I never thought I would love my minivan so much.

The 2013 Honda Odyssey makes a proud entry and still remains the ideal minivan, thanks to those high safety ratings and top fuel economy.

How Did I Get Here?

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