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Wallpaper and background photos of otaku room for fans of Otaku Hideout images.

OMG YES something that has sankarea. I llooovvee that anime/manga

Otaku Wallpaper *-*

Disney punked out. What great films these princesses would all make dressed like this

I wasnt going to pin this but then I realized Milan was wearing an A Day to Remember shirt and Rapunzel has a Slipknot shirt I almost died

Looking for some Anime?

Looking for some Anime?

They forgot fairy tail full metal alchemist and Akame ga kill at least they got Sao though

Ohhh come on Japan. ~Jonjaeger #anime #animelover #otaku #manga #love

There's also a thing where the stairs light up at a mall and they make like sakuras and crap like that it's kinda famous but I can see from ur stand point how this may seem rly cool.


awwww this is so sad but at least he can still speak to her / aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah meu lindos ❤

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This picture reminds me so much of my Caity~Sama, she's so amazing and talented she's a beautiful little Elvish Princess. I love you little Cus❤❤😘