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【200多种几何图形的组合形式】简单的三角... 来自优秀网页设计 - 微博

The overall presentation and the images within this pin represent "gestalt" by symmetry. The gestalt concept says that objects must be balanced or symmetrical in order to be seen as complete or whole. Not only are the images symmetrical, but the presen

Owl Logo Mais

Comment: I really like owls. Also I believe that this demonstrates different styles that can be made around a single subject.

“Beautiful Owl | Follow @luxury_inside”

~Native American Animal Spirit Guide~ Owl Spirit is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. This Spirit guides you to see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit.

Snooty Barn Owl - one of many Barn Owls found throughout the world....

~ Lesser Sooty Owl ~ (Tyto multipunctata), lives in the wet tropics region of Australia. It is considered a subspecies of the Sooty Owl. Just Beautiful!

Flying owl

Iain Macarthur is a British artist who creates gorgeous black-and-white illustrations, often times concentrating on owls and other birds, deers, bears and