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an image of a lake with buildings in the background and trees on the shore at night
Blue Prints | Yumoto Spa, Nikko | Kawase Hasui
Kawase Hasui, 1883-1957 Yumoto Spa, Nikko
a painting of a sunset over water with trees in the foreground and clouds in the background
a mountain covered in snow next to a forest
Oscar Droege - Aufragende Felsspitzen II - Oscar Droege (1898 - 1982) was an exceptional woodblock artist and one of the best of the German woodblock practitioners. The majority of his works were of landscapes which had their own style.
an image of a beach scene with sand and grass
Afternoon on Plum Island
Matthew Smith @ Valerie's Gallery, Newburyport Mass. Lalalalove his stuff
a painting of a pine tree with mountains in the background
Heights Beyond, 1928 by Frances Hammell Gearhart (b. 1869-1958), Californian artist (occasionally taught by Charles H. Woodbury) known for her colour woodcuts of the Sierras, the Pacific Coast, and the area around Big Bear Lake. She described sentinel trees, groves of eucalyptus, pines, oaks and Monterey cypress as well as valleys and canyons. Tags: Helen Elstone, Mountain, Distance, Trees, Pines
an aerial view of a lake surrounded by land and trees in the foreground is shown
Untitled Document
Matt Brown artwork
an image of a landscape with hills and fields in the background, as well as clouds
The Gallery: Mountains
Summer Day Camel's Hump ~ Woodblock, 7 x 16 inch ~ Matt Brown ~ ABOUT: I began making woodblock prints using the traditional Japanese hanga method here in Lyme, NH in 1993. Hanga is color woodblock printing with multiple blocks (one for each color) using water. Highest quality artist pigments, rice paste, and acid-free cotton rag paper are my printing materials. Brushes and a hand-held baren are my printing tools.
a painting of mountains with snow on them
Japanese Woodblock Printing by Matt Brown
an aerial view of mountains and valleys in the distance
The Gallery: Mountains
Matt brown: Up on Mt. Mansfield
an image of a landscape with trees and water in the background at sunset or dawn
Matt Brown
a painting of fish, lemons and a baseball bat Woodcuts - Prints: Collectibles & Fine Art
Chris Wormell woodcut
Newly Editioned 6 block woodblock print, moku hanga Tree Art, Wood Block Printing, Woodblocks, India Art
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Newly Editioned 6 block woodblock print, moku hanga
an image of a mountain scene with snow on the ground
The Gallery: Mountains
The Great Gulf, Matt Brown
the grass is growing near the water's edge
local terrain
Aspens, 20"x 42", Woodcut and Pochoir Backlight, 20"x 30", Woodcut and Pochoir Beckoning, 42"x 20", Woodcut ...
an image of a tent in the mountains with clouds and snow on it's tops
Yoshida Hiroshi