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alo-smartphone-design-phone-technology-philippe-starck-jerome-olivet_dezeen_hero-a.jpg (1704×959)

French designers Philippe Starck and Jerome Olivet have proposed a radical concept for the future of smartphones based around holograms and voice control.

Good Design, Philippe Starck, Smartphone, Alessi

Frozen, Canada

Ghosts in a Glacier. A web of cracks in meltwater ice along the edge of Byrd Glacier in Antarctica. The 85 mile long glacier flows into the Ross Ice Shelf, the largest ice field in Antarctica

Black ice, glare ice, whatever you want to call it.

Uvildy is a lake about 100 km from my home city of Chelyabinsk, Russia. In winter, it freezes over

Oyler Wu

Two key events are coming up at SCI-Arc this month starting with the ‘Dwayne Oyler & Jenny Wu: Lineworks’ lecture which takes place tomorrow,.

SEM_image_of_a_Peacock_wing,_slant_view_3.JPG (2560×2048)

Butterfly wing scales magnified Each complex scale is made up of about 40 ribs, the ribs are connected by tiny cross bars.

SEM_image_of_a_Peacock_wing,_slant_view_1.JPG (2560×2048)

SEM image of a Peacock wing, slant view 1 - Butterfly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Colourised scanning electron microscope images of diatoms by Dr Paul   Hargreaves and Faye Darling.

Electron microscope images of diatoms by Dr Paul Hargreaves and Faye Darling This is an electron microscopic image of a dinoflagellate - the dorsal side of Protoceratium reticulatum (via Telegraph)

Arnhem Central Station

Arnhem Central Station