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Cold weather by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt

Have you ever had one of those days where all the frustration and anger wins. yeah so long story short.had a veeery shitty day, and this is what i do to get rid of my anger yay

You are Here --> Page 2 A little comic I've been working on... The colouring took forever, which is why I hardly colour my comics. But I've been practising my colouring skills in hopes of gettin...

I have had a lot of bbrae feels with a certain theme so guess what I'm doing because there is literally no fanart or comic for this theme that I could find   bb rae cy(C)DC comics glen murakam.

The weekend by Picolo-kun

song for this one! September was a super tough month but I'm glad with how many things I got done! I drew this yesterday because I was in super high spirits. I'm joining inktober this year btw!

raven+teen+titans | car trouble on Tumblr

"Somebody stole my baby! This episode really showed Ravens relationship with the team