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Hufflepuff  Fandom Art Print  Harry Potter House by 934FandomArt
Gryffindor - Fandom Art Print - Harry Potter House Inspired Fan Art
"Ravenclaw"  the book version.  This version of Ravenclaw's Crest is of the houses true colors that is stated in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Books (not the movie). The colors on this Ravenclaw crest of bronze and blue.
Harry Potter.
McGonagall: Always a very brave and private person, she poured all her energies into her work, and few people, excepting perhaps Albus Dumbledore, ever realised how much she suffered.
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During the years of 2007-2011, Maggie Smith continued to film the final Harry Potter movies, all while battling breast cancer. During the filming of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince, she had shingles and was forced to wear a wig in order to continue filming. Maggie Smith/ Prof. McGonagall= BEAST.
Original Order of the Phoenix