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Dankó Vivien

Dankó Vivien
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Not my mother, not my milk. #vegan

Not my mother, not my milk.

love animals? don't eat them #vegan

I despise animals, I'm a Nasty Anglo Norman & I hate animals, that includes other human animals !

Human Freedom Animal Rights One Struggle One Fight

Like all forms of prejudice, speciesism is UGLY and HURTFUL. Despite what society teaches you, harming others for your own pleasure is always wrong. Unlearn what you've been taught. Live the Golden Rule. Be vegan.

Animal agriculture has to stop.

So your going to torture and slaughter animals, take the food from starving people grew, ruin your body and destroy our planet just so you can consume som disgusting rotting flesh that will clog up yo (Vegan Easy Potatoes)