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four different types of children's avatars with their names in the same language
Team avatar mini versions (not mine)
two pictures with the same caption for each one, and an image of a man in
a group of people sitting on top of each other in front of a night sky
some anime characters are doing different poses
Pokémon, Disney, Avatar Airbender
several anime characters are standing together with their heads in the air
some people are standing in front of a purple wall
an animal with many people on it's back
a woman with long black hair holding her hands up in the air while standing under water
an image of a cartoon character flying through the air with other characters in front of him
an image of the last airbender in cartoon form with caption that reads,'avatar the last airbender '
I can only appreciate Mai and Ty Lee's (underappreciated) character arcs more and more after ev
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four different avatars with different hair styles