The most amazing Blueberry Lemon pie (tart) that is all about BLUEBERRIES!  The tart crust is super crumbly and flaky.   Bake it in a pie dish, or in a tart pan.

Blueberry Tart

I will have to make this after our next trip to the Michagan! Blueberry pie (tart) with lemon flavor, in a flaky, melt-in-your-mouth crust. Bake it in a pie dish, or in a tart pan.

Beautiful apples                                                               Tumblr :Delta Breezes...

All the flavors of a tall glass of spiced apple cider wrapped up into one little caramel. These things are decadently delicious! They have got to be the mo

Watermelon, favorite summer treat.

Nothing does BBQ like fab red red watermelon slices! Just had to pin this fab photo of fab red watermelon slices to this Board! love to decorate with red watermelon designs when ever I can!

Tangerine fruits are a specific variant of Mandarin oranges (Citrus Reticulate) which are reddish orange in colour and just like oranges they have many benefits.

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