The magic world of Frozen.. Can I please be as pretty as she is and have her powers for when I'm mad at someone!!!

The magic world of Frozen…

I think this is beautiful! I love Elsa and the movie frozen hands down! I think Elsa is amazing and I love the artwork, detail, and time put into this picture! I love this sooo much!


The reader s path Jeremiah Morelli, aka is a middle school teacher and hobby artist from Bavaria, Germany. Jeremiah’s art is full of imaginations and could take me into a whimsy fantasy world. Little ones The lizard… Continue Reading →

Ekye 3Q Left by ~JillWilli on deviantART

Eyke (pronounced "Ike" because I thought he looked like Eisenhower when he was just a face) This guy is who ended up going to the show in NY -his was a command performance, LOL Eyke is sculpted in .