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Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to Skeletons [Infographic] | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Other Infographics - Science Infographics. Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide To Skeleton. Interesting Facts About Animal Skeletons.

LIMITED EDITION: 700 worldwide DETAILS - Created by Andrew Firth - professionally known as Jack of the Dust - Handcrafted in Australia.

Prayers of mother nature by mrNepa on @DeviantArt

victoriousvocabulary: “GAEA [aka GAIA] [noun] the ancient Greek goddess of the earth, mother of the Titans. [Jesse Keisala - Prayers of Mother Nature] ”

Pan Illustration - Print available from the very talented DZO Olivier.

Graphic matrix development and hand drawing artwork : PAN . Tribute to ancient paganism and symbolic codes. Work in collaboration with zksphere studio.

Превью жо11 (390x524, 85Kb)

"The Sadness of Gaia" The Earth Goddess' wings symbolize the creatures who need our clouds gather around our world, Gaia knows she must be strong until mankind learns to take care of the precious Earth.