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Dávid Czeiler

Dávid Czeiler
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Goku & Vegeta

Vegeta: "Kakarot, how many times have you saved the world up until now? Half a dozen at least." Vegeta: "Then perhaps it's time to let the world fend for itself for once. Earth Reborn - Dragon Ball Z

Farewell my son Goku teleports himself and cell to King Kai's planet scene

Man I cried like a little child when Goku sacrificed his life against Cell. This was one of the tear jerking moments in Dbz, next to Piccolo and Vegeta's sacrifice.

Aquaman - Death of A King Part 1. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Death of a King part A mystery sends Aquaman to the ends of the Earth to solve an ancient murder--one that will reveal a horrific truth about Arthur Curry and threaten those closest to him.