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Pandora's Box

This is a photo called, Gonna build a heaven by Felicia Simion. I chose this because I think that it is incredible the way she took this photo from such a far away perspective. It looks as though that person standing on the mountain is in waves of clouds.

Iceland courtesy of amazing geologist

Colorful Columnar Basalt on the Icelandic Coast. Photo by Kayla Stevenson. Check out her related photos for some great columnar basalt shorelines.

ArtStation - Morning Hunt, Paul Riebe

Project Skagerak WIP Project Skagerak is about a northern island that was conquered by several clans in the century. These had fought because of the riches and mysteries that were found here. This project shows a little insight into the architecture,

ArtStation - Gallowwalker. City view, Nikolai Litvinenko

Dive into The Art of Nikolai Litvinenko, a Russian Illustrator and Concept Artist based in Voronezh.