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a drawing of a fish with a man on it's back flying in the air
A very Victorian escape illustration drawing artwork
A hand drawn original artwork on painted paper. The image is a comical piece featuring a puffer fish being used as a hot air balloon. Sold framed and mounted and measures 335x445mm
a pencil drawing of a fairy with her arms behind her head and legs spread out
The Fairy Sketch Books of Iain McCaig: Endicott Studio for Mythic Arts
Dip pen and ink drawing of every leaf of a tree | Signed prints available on
a bunch of black and white sketches of people
The World of Colors
Canvas Palette Brush Sculpture Paint Drawing Sketch Easel Clay Pottery Portrait Landscape Abstract Realism Watercolor Acrylic Oil paint Artist Artwork Gallery Exhibit Composition Color Sculptor Creativity
two pictures of black cats with their heads turned to look like they are laying down
Charming Ink Drawings Reimagine Fluffy Black Cats as Adorable Balls of Fur
Artist Kamwei Fong is the creator of The Furry Thing series: a collection of adorable fluffy black cat ink drawings.