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two circular tables with writing on them in the middle of a room filled with people
HUNGRY DESIGN Exhibition by Studio Roots
a dress is hanging on a wall with pictures around it
Initial out of book response. I created this using a wide range of media and by using the work of Christian Boltanski and Marcel Duchamp as inspiration.
an open book with pictures on it
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a table made out of wooden pallets in front of a sign that reads los rei
《重置材料-迈向可持续建筑》展览,丹麦 / Copenhagen Contemporary
《重置材料-迈向可持续建筑》展览,丹麦 / Copenhagen Contemporary - 谷德设计网
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an open book with many different pictures on it's cover and the words london marathon written in black
there are two pieces of paper on top of each other
Books From The Future
the wall is covered with many different objects and numbers on it's sides, including an umbrella
La Liste
Floating objects II
an open pink notebook with black clips attached to the front and back pages, sitting on a white surface
an image of a double glass window on a white background with the words nomads play above it
Cable Suspended LED Backlit Display Kits
The LED Backlit Displays are incredibly bright and will make your window stand out, maximizing your display space and drawing more attention from potential buyers. The cable suspended LED display kits are available in various configurations to hold standard format posters and prints.
two knitted vests hanging on a wall next to a hanger with clothes
Crochet top