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the floor is covered with different colored tiles and signs that read, millicaat
Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile (CHAT) | Brand Identity | Toby Ng Design
a glass sculpture with many different colored objects hanging from it's sides on a white surface
an object made out of legos on top of a blue paper with magnets attached to it
Envisions hold exhibition at Plymouth College of Art displaying "authenticity, professionalism and wit"
three banners hanging from the ceiling in an empty room with yellow paint on the floor
Damien Poulain — ‘People Power’
a pink wall with several pieces of art on it and hanging from the walls above
Wall idea
an art gallery with various pieces of artwork on display
IB Art 2010-093
IB Art 2010-093 | by Fu-Ran-Ku
an exhibit with yellow walls and posters on the wall, in front of it is a bench made out of cinder blocks
a plastic bag filled with lots of items hanging on a wall next to a white wall
an art installation with multiple pieces of cloth hanging from the ceiling
people are sitting around a table covered with books and paper mache art work hanging from the ceiling
a room filled with lots of different colored mats