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the wooden structure is suspended from the ceiling
Chosunoak The Oak / By Seog Be Seog + mmoa. Studios
a wooden structure with white sheets on top and ladders attached to the sides, in front of a stone wall
Studio Tom Emerson – Summer School BodyWonderLand
Studio Tom Emerson – Pachacamac Film
a wooden structure with white fabric hanging from it's sides on a brick wall
Students build woven pavilion to shade archaeologists in Peru
an empty room with chairs and tables in it
Gallery of micasa vol.C / studio mk27 - 43
Gallery of micasa vol.C / Studio MK27 - 43
the inside of a large building with lots of windows and wooden beams on the ceiling
Gödöllői Szentháromság Templom
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and floor lamp
Regolo Flat Cipria & designer furniture | Architonic
Regolo Flat Cipria & designer furniture | Architonic
there are many planters on the side of this building and one is in front of some water
Could You Imagine Staying In This Dreamy Riad in Marrakech?
the floor plan for an apartment with three levels and four rooms, all in black and white
Baranova Pokorsky creates plant-filled cafe in St Petersburg
Radosti by Baranova Pokorsky