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Igna.  A rather insane man and a Air Mage.  He's learned beyond belief and has a bauble full of Shadow power.  This type of stealing brands the face of the prepetrator.  But because everyone has forgot what the brand looks like, no one noticed.

kintsugi - When things crack and break, it is repaired with gold, making the object more valuable than it was originally. What was at first thought as unworthy or unwanted is now precious.

A conversation.  The endangered species are getting together.  They have seen the enemy and the enemy is us.

Orca & polar bear talking about girls. Polar bear to orca, "How do you find so many girls?" Orca replied: "I use Lynx aftershave!

thelovelyseas: Orca amazing trip to Andenes norway by Matias...

thelovelyseas: “ Orca amazing trip to Andenes, norway by Matias Alexandro ” What we do….

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The killer whale (Orcinus orca), also referred to as the orca whale or orca, and less commonly as the blackfish or grampus, is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family.

Having military trained K-9 is an invaluable asset not only on the field, but as a companion.

The is a compact, lightweight camera that mounts to the hind quarters of dogs allowing handlers to accurately see what the dog sees. It's an extremely low light, black & white camera that uses enhanced IR illumination to see in areas most can't.

Laekenois (a.k.a. Belgian Shepherd Dog) is not fully recognized in the United States but can be shown in Britain, Canada, Australia, and throughout Europe.

Belgian Laekenois (a. Belgian Shepherd Dog) - considered to be both the oldest and the most rare variety of the Belgian Sheepdogs