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Maria Abashova is principal dancer at the Eifman Ballet of St. Photo by Vadim Stein. “Built like an imperial Borzoi, Maria Abashova, as Anna [Karenina], is eye riveting every moment she is.

Becoming the Butterfly

What ballet step are you? I got grand jete. Grande Jetes are powerful and extremely hard to do correctly. They take power and strength along with incredible flexibility.

Your feet hurt? Oh please, you don't know foot pain.

dance problems - this kid was like "I'm a soccer player. I know more about blisters"<-- im a soccer player and a dancer boo yah. Dance is definitely by far my prioritity tho

Yes someone else's toes do that too!!!

Ballet feet ( not all ballet dancers feet are like this but a lot are) Personally, my feet aren't like this but alot of ballet dancers feet are.