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the dashboard screen shows different types of devices and their functions, including numbers, symbols, and other things
Goldstok ©
Goldstok © on Behance
two mobile app screens showing golf courses on the same screen, one with an image of a hole in the background
Golf Tracking App UI concept
two iphones with the same app on them, one showing an image of a truck and
a smart watch is displayed next to an iphone with a qr code on it
Mark Bloom on X
Schedule Interface
an iphone with the numbers on it
screenshot-2019-09-24-at-20.28.33.png | Are.na
three iphones displaying the date and time for each month on black background with white text
Delegated™. Virtual Assistant Platform. Branding.
the text message messages are being displayed on an iphone screen, and it appears to be confusing
Moving Parts | Are.na
an iphone with the time app displayed on it's screen next to another device
three cell phones with the text airport and boarding pass displayed on them, all in different colors
Travel Concierge App (Design + Prototype + MVP)
a computer screen with the words my office on it
an iphone with the battery charging screen on it's back, next to a yellow and white background
Johan - Polestar 2 - Polestar app – SAVEE
three smart phones with different buttons and icons on the front, one showing an orange light bulb
Smart Home (Watch)