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From kid's bathrooms, to master bathrooms, to guest bathrooms get your up-to-date renovation and DIY ideas here.
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7 Ceiling Ideas Sure to Make a Statement
Don't forget the ceiling! When doing a room makeover always make the ceiling part of your plan. There's a lot of real estate up there that can really make a statement! Check out these 7 ceiling ideas that are sure to draw the eye!
Top 10 Master Bathroom Design Ideas
Discover the top 10 master bathroom design ideas in our latest D2B collection. We've curated the perfect inspiration to help you create a stunning, one-of-a-kind master bathroom retreat. Transform your house interior design and make a statement with these breathtaking bathroom ideas. 🛀
17 Spring Cleaning Hacks
Unlock the secrets to an effortlessly clean home this spring with our top 17 cleaning hacks and tips. Make your space sparkle in no time!
a wooden floor with the words easy way to refinish floors no sanding
Easiest Way to Refinish Hardwood Floors: No Sanding!!
Discover the easiest way to refinish hardwood floors without sanding. Follow this simple method and bring new life to your floors. Save time and effort while achieving beautiful results. Renew the beauty of your hardwood floors with ease and enjoy the refreshed look of your home.
How To Install Craftsman Window Trim - Design to Build
Elevate your home's interior with our DIY window trim and door trim tutorial! Learn how to create beautiful, custom trim that adds visual interest to any space. Perfect for beginners, this step-by-step guide is both simple and budget-friendly.
a bed sitting under a wooden ceiling in a bedroom
How to Build a Mid Century Modern Accent Wall
Create an accent wall that is affordable and easy. This Mid Century Modern (MCM) feature wall treatment tutorial will show you how! Easily update a bedroom, family room, hallway and the list goes on with this form of board and batten. Such an easy and fun DIY!
an interior design book with the title how to create the organic modern interior design look
How to Create the Organic Modern Interior Design Look
Discover the secrets to achieving the organic modern interior design look. Get expert tips, ideas, and inspiration on combining natural elements, clean lines, and minimalist aesthetics to create a harmonious and contemporary living space. Elevate your home with a fresh and timeless design style that celebrates nature and modern simplicity.
three wooden shelves with vases and plants on them
Build Easy DIY Floating Shelves Fast and Cheap
Upgrade your space with these easy and budget-friendly DIY floating shelves! Learn how to build stylish and functional shelves in no time. Create a stunning display for your books, decor, and more. Transform your walls into a work of art while maximizing storage space. Get creative and start building today!
an open door leading into a room with black walls and wood flooring in it
Industrial Home Design--Get the Look!
Embrace the edgy and stylish vibe of industrial home design with these inspiring ideas. Discover how to incorporate raw materials, exposed elements, and minimalist aesthetics to create a modern industrial look in your space.
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used as a modern organic bathroon
How to DIY a Modern Organic Bathroom
Transform your bathroom into a modern organic oasis with these DIY tips. In this post, I'm sharing everything I did to give my master bathroom a complete makeover.
10 Organic Modern Master Bathroom Design Ideas
Explore 10 serene organic modern bathroom designs that blend natural elements with sleek lines for a tranquil retreat. Perfect for those looking to add a touch of nature-inspired luxury to their home.
Create a beautiful bedroom mirror that will make a statement. Such an easy and fun DIY! Easy to follow DIY mirror tutorial that will add depth and style. Diy Anthropologie Mirror, Anthro Mirror, Diy Full Length Mirror, Antique Full Length Mirror, Mirror Tutorial, Anthropologie Mirror, Diy Anthropologie, Mirror Adhesive
How to DIY a Standing Mirror
Create a beautiful bedroom mirror that will make a statement. Such an easy and fun DIY! Easy to follow DIY mirror tutorial that will add depth and style.
how to diy countertops with step by step instructions for the top and bottom
How to DIY Countertops Cheap
Revamp your kitchen with stunning faux marble countertops using this easy DIY method. Learn step-by-step how to create the look of luxurious marble without the high cost. Elevate your kitchen's style with this budget-friendly project.