Une composition originale à créér à base de brin de lavande. (Idées geniale)

Organic French Lavender Wand - Woven from Freshly Picked Flowers - Purple with Light Green Satin Ribbon - Made in Canada.

French lavender baskets. Similar to lavender bottles or wands, except the floral part is not concealed and the stems fold upward and are not sealed above the lavender blossoms.

French Lavender Baskets

Lavender baskets-no tutorial, but with the basket or bottle wand tutorials, this little basket will be easy.

Lavender Wand - Mauve - Medium

Item for sale: 1 Mauve Lavender Wand. These Lavender Wands are made with Lavender cut form my own garden. I am an organic gardener so there is no change of any nasty chemicals getting near this plant! You can see, in the last photo below, a happy bee .