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a row of wooden buildings sitting next to each other on top of a cement field
this school in perthes-en-gâtinais comprises multiple gabled wooden volumes
an empty room with wooden floors and two paintings on the wall, one is standing alone
Gallery of 6 Final Designs Unveiled for Guggenheim Helsinki - 13
the floor plan for an office building with spiral staircases and circular rooms, which are connected
an architectural drawing of the auditorium
Nossa Senhora das Necessidades Church / Célia Faria + Inês Cortesão
an architectural drawing shows the floor plan for a building with multiple levels and different sections
Gimpo Art Hall by G.Lab* | Dezeen
three diagrams of the auditorium in mexico
Galería de Biblioteca Jose Vasconcelos / Taller de Arquitectura X / Alberto Kalach - 29
an architectural drawing of the inside of a building with several floors and walls, all connected to each other
City Hall | Foster + Partners
the floor plan for an auditorium, with seats arranged in a circle on each side
Gallery of Palanga Concert Hall / Uostamiescio projektas - 20
the floor plan for an auditorium with seating areas and seats on each side, as well as
Gallery of How to Design Theater Seating, Shown Through 21 Detailed Example Layouts - 16
a drawing of a circular building with lots of windows and floor plans on the side
Gallery of Mercedes-Benz Museum / UNStudio - 15
an image of some sort of structure that is very detailed
London City Hall