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a modern resume template with leaves on it
Premium Vector | Cv template minimal theme
a professional resume template with an abstract background and blue, pink and orange colors on the cover
Free Vector | Hand drawn astral cv template
an article in the magazine features images of women's shoes and clothing on display
Elle UK
Elle UK - Inside the closet of the inspiring Garance Doré
a magazine page with an image of a woman sitting on a toilet and wearing sneakers
The Typofiles: InStyle Magazine
Referring back to my last pin, this is the department page from the same magazine. It follows the same basic layout with slight changes from issue to issue.
a sign that says make time for your art it's important
Make time for your art. Imagination and experimentation add a creative dimension to life.
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, don't think about making art just get everyone else
And my whole life is a kind of art//
And my whole life is a kind of art// by IcSrC
four different types of greeting cards on top of each other with the words, i'm into you, wanna do out and you are cute af
printable texty valentines
printable texty valentines | almost makes perfect
two business cards with different designs on them, one in white and the other in red
Custom Stickers, Postcards, Business Cards & More | Jukebox
Cute Letterpress business cards produced with seven colors on 40pt cotton. Produced by #jukeboxprint
four greeting cards with the words hooray written in different colors and designs on them
CARDS - ma and grandy
プリント&パターン:CARDS - MAとグランディ
various notebooks and stickers are arranged on a white surface with black writing in the middle
Don’t let work get you down, add a bit of comedy to your daily routine with our practical, but ever so witty Smiles & Toast range of station...
several different angles of the same piece of wood with green and white designs on it
Very cute business cards! The die cuts for the ears make it really obvious what the logo is supposed to look like, and after you see it you can't un-see it. Nice colors too!