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How to make a simple aromatherapy deodorant with essential oils. In this post, three simple ideas/recipes for natural aromatherapy deodorants.

Lanolinos naptej

Home made sunmilk: oz lanolin oz shea butter -appr. 25 spoon "something" oil (i used sesame oil) tbspoon sunblocker (titan-dioxis and zink-oxid)

Szemkörnyék ápoló (szarkaláb és sötét karika ellen)

Szemkörnyék ápoló (szarkaláb és sötét karika ellen)

Napozó krém

Is Your Sunscreen Toxic? Recent studies show that of Americans are contaminated with a widely-used sunscreen ingredient called Oxybenzone

Szempillaspirál, eyeliner vagy szempilla erősítő

How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro. Don't use my method where I get it on my eyelids. You start on bottom of top eyelash and zigzag up.