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In 3 words I can explain what I've learned about life: it goes on. "Mielőtt elítélsz, vedd fel a cipőmet és járd végig az utamat. Járd végig a múltamat, érezd
Diana Feketeova
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This was stated too many times to count on glider.

Aviation quote for my son who is joining the Navy and gonna be a aviation electrical technician.

#AviationHumor #PilotLife

Student pilot brain farts - we ALL had them. I'm surprised that a lot of controllers aren't taking tranquilizers. Then again, there are controllers who definitely aren't cut out for the job and make pilots want to undergo a lobotomy!

Getting High Airline Pilot Poster

Everything you need to know about your cabin crew interview in Free help, tips and resources from UK based, government approved training experts.

You pack it, you stow it. I touch it, I tag it!

You bring it, you sling it. You tow it, you stow it. You pack it, you stack it. I touch it, I tag it!

World Scratch Map

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