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Feladatlapok /nyomtatható/ javÍtókulccsal

Feladatlapok /nyomtatható/ javÍtókulccsal

Loki on vacation in Midgard...

"Loki - I Wanna Go Shopping by RancidRainbow Digital Art / Photomanipulation / RancidRainbow"<--All I can think is 'I wanna stay in.

“angelica-aswald: “warmpricklies: “Loki clipping paths :) abadstarfalls moonrainbow lividmilkshake vampirewithbedsidemanners khaleesi-of-loki jarrigoni curator-at-large contains-cinnamon.

Tom Hiddleson or Loki. Either one can come find me, please & thank you.

Loki from "Thor" --- I consider him more of an anti-hero than a villain. And because he's an anti-hero, I have a hard time deciding my thoughts on him. I spend too much time feeling bad for him.

I always wonder why we don't see more of Loki's frost giant side. Like he has the powers of a frost giant, he is one, but we never see him using that while fighting or anything.


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