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Note Taking Strategies and Tips for Secondary - Reading and Writing Haven
a classroom desk with the words should you decorate your high school classroom? on it
Before You Decorate Your High School Classroom…
Back to school season is here, and it's time to think about decorating your high school classroom. Finding resources for high school classroom decor can be challenging, as most seem to cater only to elementary levels. But should high school teachers even bother with decorations? Absolutely! If you're wondering how to decorate your high school classroom without making it look too childish, you've come to the right place. In this post, I'll share practical tips and ideas on how to create an engaging, age-appropriate classroom environment. Stay tuned for creative solutions that go beyond the elementary! #BackToSchool #HighSchoolDecor #ClassroomIdeas
the classroom supplies that i wish someone told me i needed
The Classroom Supplies That I Wish Someone Told Me I Needed
a pink box filled with school supplies and text that reads tips for new teachers what belongs in a teacher's desk?
What Teachers Need in Their Desks
If you're a new teacher, you have lots of plans to make. Don't forget to consider the personal side of teaching. Pack for yourself during your school hours.
a new teacher to do list for summer on a desk with sunglasses and cell phone
Summer for Teachers
Prepping for your first teaching job? You don't have to plan a year's worth of content in the summer before. Check out this list of a few important basics you can get ready now, and get ready to rock your first year of teaching. #newteacher #teachertips #teacherprep #iteachela
a sign that says, how i use podcasts in my us history classroom
Using Podcasts in the US History Classroom - Active History Teacher
a white desk with lots of different colored pencils and markers in bins on it
Tips For Your First 2 Weeks in Your Special Education Classroom
the teacher bucket list for students to use on their own school day, or any other time
an organized drawer is shown with scissors and other crafting supplies
Teacher Desk Organization Ideas: How to Declutter and Organize Your Workspace in 2024 - Teaching with Jodi Durgin and Company
the words 47 best class rules for middle and high school
47 Best Classroom Rules for Middle & High School