Ria Medgyesi
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Cut flower motifs from a paper napkin. Pull of the top layer and fasten with a little napkin glue on a stone and let it dry. To fix reap a second time with glue.

Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Nashville, TN

No Solace- Mount Olivet Cemetery - Nashville, TN.

Beautiful staircase ...

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Lace Back Chair ...

Alkemie: Traditional French Upholstery ~ L'Atelier du Cap Gris-Nez interesting with open lace back

Polychromed Lincrusta ...

Polychromed Lincrusta ...

Reinvent urns as practical kitchen decor (like the basic idea of inexpensive ceramic flower pot as utensil holder. Get rid of drawer clutter)

Shades of brown*

"Treasured Past" by artist Alexei Butirskiy

This effect on Gothic High Land!