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#door #ornatedoor

#door #ornatedoor

High-Rise Ecologies on Behance

High-Rise Ecologies proposes a reintegration of the lost native ecological communities of the City of Sydney into the un-used spaces of the cities urban fabric.

door (great idea for stained glass window plus painted trunk on outside wall)

Tree Portal Mandala I love everything about this gate: the mixed use of metal and wood, the mandala window, the tree with is filigree roots and branches, and it's placement within the stone wall. The whole thing feels.

Zero Caliorie Foods STUFF YA FACE!!!

Well this isn't true there is no 'zero calorie' food but these are good things to eat anyway. So long as they are not drowned in cheese. >> Zero calorie foods are those that burn more calories than they contain. This infographic breaks them down…