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a potted plant with white flowers in it
Lily of the Valley A Spring Favrite - Pinecones and Acorns
how to grow garlic indoors in the kitchen
How to Grow Garlic Indoors in 5 Simple Steps (It’s Easier Than You Might Think!)
three glass vases with plants in them on a table
DIY Self-Watering Planters: Care for Your Houseplants While You're Away |
a green poster with the words gardening for beginners
Gardening for beginners. Peas don't like too much water. Potatoes do not like tomatoes. Potatoes don't like cucumbers. Potatoes and cabbage are friends. Do not plant beans with onions or beets. Beans love carrots. Beets love onion, cabbage, potatoes. Tomatoes love carrots, peas. Cabbage does not like radishes. Beans and cucumbers do not like each other. Carrots and onions do well together. - iFunny
a small garden with sunflowers growing in the ground and on top of it
Summer Favorites: Ticking Stripes and Sunflowers
the house plant watering chart is shown in this graphic style, with instructions for how to use
Flavored Ice Cubes - Let's Mingle Blog