Simi: the Ultimate F1 Bromance

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are just my two favorite sportsmen ever.
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Vettel:"Kimi this is great! Raikkonen:"ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!"

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Seb as his usual excitable self.and Kimi as his calm self.

Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel - my favourite couple


Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari. Photo by XPB Images on March 2015 at Australian GP. Formula One World Championship photos.

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Finali Mondiali 2016 at Daytona

Finali Mondiali 2016 at Daytona


Haha Sebastian Vettel helping out Kimi Raikkonen.

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"Testing" times at Ferrari!

"Testing" times at Ferrari!

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(L to R): Kimi Raikkonen with Sebastian Vettel, 2015 Scuderia Ferrari Drivers

Kimi Raikkonen Sebastian Vettel "Simi"

Kimi Raikkonen Sebastian Vettel "Simi"