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The enemy of Ultraman!
Monster Butanohana Blue Pakki made in Japan
The enemy of Ultraman!
a red box with instructions on how to get rid of the tattoo and what you can do about it
1962 Topps MONSTER TATOO and Bubble Gum
a toy robot is sitting in front of a cardboard box with an advertisement on it
1960s Yonezawa Japan Happy Harry The Hysterical Robot With Original Japanese Box
a painting of a man and woman dressed in red dancing with their arms around each other
Monster Playing Card of Herman and Lily Munster doing the Tango
an action figure is posed in front of some fake trees and other items that are on display
1963 AURORA Assembled and Painted The CREATURE From the BLACK LAGOON Model
the cover to weird tales magazine featuring a woman in red dress with bat flying over her head
WEIRD TALES May, No 5 Volume 19, 1932 Farnsworth Wright
a toy car with an angry man in the back
Monsterous 50's-60's MARX Battery Op Tin Litho NUTTY MADS CAR
a box of colored crayons with an image of a man's face on it
1964 THE MUNSTERS Pencil by Numbers Set
rare one
an orange and black card with a drawing of a woman holding a chain over her head
1961 Nu-Card Horror Monster Series #128 YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL
an old comic book cover for the crypt of horror
Crypt of Terror Comic Book number 1
an alien creature with big eyes and long hair is shown in this black and white photo
The Creature from the Black Lagoon's Selfie
Always hamming it up!