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a wind chime made out of driftwood and glass beads hanging on a wall
driftwood and seashells hanging from a beach
a wall hanging with seashells on it
a wind chime made out of driftwood
a heart hanging from a rope with driftwood pieces attached to it and a wooden bead on the end
four heart shaped ornaments are hanging on driftwood sticks and wood pieces with seashells attached to them
a heart hanging from a wooden frame on a wall
Décoration murale bois flotté perles et coeur by Pat
a wind chime hanging on the side of a building with lots of different items
the instructions for how to make an origami birdcage with wire and thread
a rock with a bird on it next to a piece of driftwood and a knife
a blue door with an assortment of items hanging from it's side and a feather on the front
a driftwood christmas tree ornament hanging on a wall