The flowers … in thw darck

actually glow in the dark paint isn't that bright, but yannow. Paint some plastic roses with glow in the dark paint, put them in a vase = DIY night light !

You radiate a light so warm and inviting that even the sun is a little jealous.  There is so much I want to say..........but I am still creating the language that only we can understand.  But you can read my mind, so you know how I feel..........

This photo represents value. In this photo you can see the highlights where the sun is shining on her and the shadows where it doesn't. The darker areas show more depth than the highlighted ones. (photo by Sarah Loven ) Idea of using shadows

Nika Danielska Design

ok, maybe not what i'm wearing to the supermarket today, but lovely lines

Трещина | скалы

The highlight in this photograph is the usage of negative dark space. The crack of white light/space really highlights the picture.

Yoga: a dance of body, mind and spirit, Your Body is a Wonderland

Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time.This is so true!


Illustrations by Klaudia Klíma Young artist Klaudia Klíma’s tools of choice are charcoal and paper, combining two simple elements to beautifully explore ideas of femininity and the human.

I love this picture so much

Black veil brides If i could ever meet Them, i could thank Them for saving my life.